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Please note that this is a cameras-on event and there will be a breakout session for experiential work. Participation is required to receive your 3 Continuing Education credits.

Masterclass in Working with Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Friday 23 June 2023

For Europe / Middle East / Australia

A comprehensive 3 hour masterclass for qualified Health Professionals, with 3 continuing education credits.

What you will learn:

– How to assess for emotional eating and binge eating disorder from the outset;

– The Do’s and Dont’s of working with clients who disclose emotional eating and binge eating disorder;

– When to refer clients on for specialist support, or choose to work with them within your competency guidelines.

You will receive handouts, have plenty of time for Q&A and finish with several tools to take away and use in your practice.


Regional Time Zones: 

9am – 12pm Ire/UK
11am – 2pm Bahrain
12 pm – 3pm Dubai
6pm – 9pm AEST

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